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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Implementation of the changes discussed last week - work in progress
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 06:16:06 GMT
I have started off on implementing some of the changes we discussed for 
the Synapse configuration language last week...

Before touching the existing code base, I have started a cleanup of the 
current code, leaving out the deprecated, unused and complex bits of 
pieces - so that we could revisit them and bring them back again after 
we streamline the rest. Hence I am placing some WIP code in the scratch 
area so that anyone could have a look and provide your suggestions for 

I am separating the SynapseConfiguration from the SynapseEnvironment, 
and also allowing for possible configuration model creation 
programatically (if required). Hence a SynapseConfigurationBuilder (say) 
could read a synapse.xml and create a SynapseConfiguration instance. A 
reference to this SynapseConfiguration would be held in the 
SynapseEnvironment, and the SynapseEnvironment would provide the usual 
access to send(), injectMessage() etc. The SynapseConfiguration will 
hold references to named Sequences, Endpoints and to global properties.

I hope to cleanup the mediators in the following order: Sequence, Log, 
Send, Filter, Transform, Makefault, Set/Remove Header, Validate but 
complete functionality may not be available immediately (e.g. support 
for endpoints and XPath extension functions will come later)

Again.. please note that this is *WIP* code in the Scratch area.. and 
I'm still actively working on this to complete the code and introduce 
new unit tests etc..


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