This first patch removes the SynapseMessage.. after this is applied, I will do the renaming of SynapseMessageContext into "MessageContext" as discussed below..
Please wait for the second patch to be applied as well to get the latest code..


Paul Fremantle wrote:
> SynapseMessageContext, or just org.apache.synapse.MessageContext?

I wish we could stop the attempt at hiding the Axis2 MessageContext with
a wrapper .. but whatever.

+1 to SynapseMessageContext (or better yet your second suggestion!).

+1 to  org.apache.synapse.MessageContext from me.

There is still a question of what the "message" inside the message
context is. Can we live with a ref to SOAPEnvelope?? That'd be cool
because then the dependency is on straight AXIOM .. not on Axis2 at all.

Our message inside the MessageContext is a SOAPEnvelope:

The code today is     public SOAPEnvelope getEnvelope();
That's exactly the design - the Synapse dependency is AXIOM, and there is an instantiation of the Synapse model on top of Axis2.

> Do we expect Synapse to have a concept of MessageExchange / Operation?
> In other words a place to store state and behavior along the lines of
> AxisOperation in Axis2?

That would require Synapse to become stateful across messages.

While I agree 100% that we will get there, can we start with the totally
stateless case first? That is, I'd like to see us make a production
grade 1.0 release with just the full stateless message mediation case
and then add support for MEP awareness and so on. What do u think?


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