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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Chat log
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 12:36:24 GMT

* Now talking in #apache-synapse
* hzbarcea has joined #apache-synapse
<hzbarcea> hi
<asankha> hi Hadrian
<hzbarcea> did you start?
<asankha> not yet.. I dont see Paul online...
<asankha> I agree with your suggestions on the XSD generation..
<hzbarcea> thanks
<asankha> right now im working on introducing a registry.. as per
<asankha> so will get back to the schema stuff as soon as im stable on 
the reg stuff..
<asankha> you could look at that too and give your feedback
<hzbarcea> i mentioned in a mail that i volunteer to work on the schema 
<hzbarcea> i hope to finish a draft by early next week
<hzbarcea> i will put it in the wiki and then we can discuss and finalize it
<asankha> ok.. however sanjiva thinks we shouldnt change the config 
language we have now just to be able to validate through a schema
<hzbarcea> i am off for 4 days starting today, i am not sure how much 
time i'll have
<asankha> are you based in the US?
<hzbarcea> i'll start from what we have, i'd suggest we then finalize 
the schema and then make the changes in the code
<hzbarcea> yes, boston :)
<asankha> yes.. we need more discussion on the mailing list and 
consensus on any changes
<hzbarcea> that's not what I meant :). we can have consensus and change 
the code first, but i think we should start with the schema as it 
captures our intentions and then we can aline the code.
* saminda has joined #apache-synapse
<asankha> yes.. i understand.. :-) but we need to weigh the pros and 
cons of changing the existing language syntax to accomodate validation 
of a configuration through a schema
<asankha> right now the language we have cannot really be validated
<hzbarcea> oh, i don't think that's gonna be a significant problem.  
let's get there first.
<asankha> ok
<asankha> lets wait another 10 minutes and see if anyone else joins ..
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<hzbarcea> that's about it i guess.
<hzbarcea> who's going to post the log to the list?
<asankha> yep.. lets talk later...
<asankha> i will post it
<hzbarcea> i could do it but i only joined at 8:10
<asankha> well u joined just after me :)
<hzbarcea> thx
<saminda> i'm listening :)
<asankha> yes.. saminda was here too :)
<hzbarcea> if you have anything to talk about we could continue
<hzbarcea> i saw that (and appearently rajith too)
<asankha> well.. its about the registry stuff though.. i wanted to talk 
with paul on that
<asankha> but it can wait..
<asankha> so .. lets talk next week.. or on the mailing list
<asankha> bye for now
<hzbarcea> cheers

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