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From "Tijs Rademakers" <>
Subject RE: Improving our docs, and first user experience
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 18:01:06 GMT
I was thinking about the following TOC for the Synapse user guide:
            What is Synapse?
            Explain different deployment models
            Starting Synapse
Build a simple mediation
            The basics of the Synapse Configuration Language
            How to write a mediation flow?
            Deploying the mediation flow
Build a validation mediation flow
Build a transformation mediation flow
Routing the message to the right endpoint
Advanced mediation scenarios
            WS-Security example
            WS-Reliable Messaging example
Extending Synapse
            Using the Class mediator
            Developing your own mediator
            Developing a Spring mediator
The examples should be based on a simple business scenario to my
opinion, like for example buying a book.
Then we can make examples with search for a particular book, requesting
details of a book based on an ISBN, and buying the book.
Let me know if you think this is going to the right direction.
-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Asankha C. Perera [] 
Verzonden: zaterdag 30 september 2006 19:39
Onderwerp: Re: Improving our docs, and first user experience
Hi Tijs

As a user of Synapse, could you suggest a format/TOC for a Synapse user
guide as an initial step? I would then add more topics which you may not
have come across yet (e.g. Dynamic sequences, Policy stuff etc) Then we
could go into writing the actual content for these. I would like to use
a simple set of good examples to demonstrate and follow through with the
text - any suggestions on this aspect is also good. I would assume that
as a "user" you would have encountered some issues which people like us
may fail to notice the importance of, and would thus like to hear about
your suggestions.

asankha wrote: 
Paul, Asankha,
As I posted earlier on this mailinglist, I am working together with a
colleague on a book about Enterprise Integration Patterns where we use
Synapse for the web service implementation. I think we already have a
good introduction about Synapse with examples.
So the suggestion from Asankha to make a Axis2 alike user guide with a
test repository so one can directly run the examples is great to me.
I would be willing to help create an user guide with examples with input
from the Synapse developers.
van: "Asankha C. Perera"  <> <>
datum: 2006/09/29 Fri PM 01:50:26 MEST
onderwerp: Re: Improving our docs, and first user experience
Maybe something like the Axis2 user guide with a *good* set of 
examples..? It would also be good to ship a test repository for an Axis2

instance against which these good examples could be directly run by 
someone who downloads this.
Paul Fremantle wrote:
I think we need to make it easier to get started with Synapse.
Any suggestions? Any volunteers?
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