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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: A basic non-blocking http/s implementation for Axis2/Synapse
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:18:50 GMT
Hi Oleg

> Yes, it does. This is, however, a temporary hack that enabled me to test
> NIO based I/O reactor using proven code from HttpCore proper. I am still
> working on the asynchronous HTTP protocol handler, but I prefer
> developing and testing code in short iterations.
Sure.. I will definitely keep a close tab on HttpCore/NIO extensions and 
look forward to the changes
> Well, would you want to run a web service in production that can die on
> you with 'out of memory' exception under load? I would not. This is way
> worse that refusing connections under load due to the worker thread
> depletion because it leaves the client without a reliable recovery
> strategy. In my humble opinion AsyncWeb has severe architectural issues
> due to its memory management. 
I think some kind of throttling logic maybe able to help limit the 
connections accepted/memory usage like the thread pools limit the cpu 
exhaustion and overheads
> Do you have any interest in contributing some that code to
> HttpComponents? 
I am not an an expert in this space.. but would love to contribute any 
code we develop if it is useful to someone. Also with your upcoming 
changes to HttpCore/NIO, I think it would be possible for us to merge 
back in someday soon .. so that we both benefit...


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