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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject chat log
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 12:34:40 GMT

Discussed about the BSF mediator which will replace the current 
JavaScript mediator. Ant will bring this into the trunk when the apache 
repos are up and the builds work correctly for axis2 1.1. Hope to 
checkin NIO branch to work with synapse by next week

Session Start: Thu Oct 26 17:36:40 2006
Session Ident: #apache-synapse
* Now talking in #apache-synapse
<asankha> hi Ant..
<ant> hi there
<ant> bit quiet here today
<asankha> yeah..
<asankha> wanted to ask you about the synapse project in eclipse.. does 
it still have problems?
<ant> its ok
<ant> the projects created by maven eclipse alomost work
<ant> there's one problem left,
<asankha> ic.. good to hear.. also on the svn ignores bug you entered...
<asankha> im not sure how exactly to fix it..
<ant> becuase TestUtils is in the core module its not included in the 
classpath of the other modules
<ant> so you have to manually add the core project to the extension project
<asankha> ic.. whats the version of eclipse that you use?
<ant> 3.2
<asankha> is it the latest version available?
<ant> i thkn the svn:ignores is done now, i commit that the other day
<ant> may not have closed the jira :)
<ant> yes
<asankha> yes :) maybe we can resolve it
<asankha> i will download this version of eclipse and try to refactor 
the class into the correct location..
<ant> i'm not sure what to do about it, maven wont put the classes in 
core/test on the classpath for the modules that use core
<ant> maybe will just have to have two copies of TestUtils
<ant> but thats not so nice
<asankha> yes.. if its the same class..
<ant> alternatives are to put TestUtils in the core jar or have a 
seperate module just for TestUtils
<asankha> im not sure if paul is going to join in.. and saminda will not 
join in today either
<asankha> i prefer option #1
<asankha> since it would be easier to do and will not hurt anyone and 
will create minimum side effects
<asankha> would you be bringing the bsf stuff into the main trunk?
<ant> yes!
<asankha> cool..
<ant> i want to its just I haven't been able to build  due to the ASF 
repo problems
<ant> so left in scratch till i can
<asankha> yes.. sure
<ant> doe sthe build work for you now?
<asankha> yes.. but yesterday there were issues with the where some of the asyncweb stuff is placed
<ant> I can't get things like axis2-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
<asankha> oh.. i build axis2 1.1 locally
<asankha> so i havent noticed that
<ant> ok, well i'll wait till tomorrow when hopefully things will be 
sortted out
<ant> probably once the bsf mediator is in we don't really need the old 
javascript one anymore
<ant> I'll bring it up on the mailing list if we should just delete it
<asankha> yes.. we can delete it and replace with bsf
<ant> hows the nio stuff coming?
<asankha> well i did some refactoring to stream when there is large 
content.. and also created two levels of buffers for the NW to use and 
Application to use
<asankha> this is essentially whats required to bring in the JDK 1.5's 
SSLEngine class to do its work
<asankha> the next step is that.. been a bit busy with a few things.. 
but now im focussed on getting this done quickly
<asankha> and have been working quite a bit on it lately again
<asankha> the code is in a separate branch.. if you want to take a peek
<ant> i will
<asankha> thanks..
<ant> doe sit run right now if i wanted to try to use it?
<asankha> mm.. i havent tested it with synapse with the recent changes.. 
i will get this sorted out by this weekend
<asankha> and let you know.. i think then it should be tested more
<ant> ok
<asankha> ant.. i think i will have to leave now... will let you know 
early next week on the nio stuff then
<ant> cool ok thx.
<asankha> shall i post this to the mailing list?
<ant> i'll post to the list about the bsf mediator
<ant> sure ok, might as well
<asankha> ok.. i will post the chat log.. and you post about the BSF
<asankha> thanks.. tc
<ant> ttyl...
* ant has left #apache-synapse

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