I added functionality to specify port at the start up of the Synapse server and sample Axis2 server.

To start synapse on a different port use:
synapse.sh -port <port number>

If the port is not specified, default port 8080 is used.

To start sample Axis2 server use:
axis2server.sh -port <port number>

If the port is not specified, default port 9000 is used.

I have attached a patch for this implementation. Please review and apply it.


On 12/14/06, Chathura Ekanayake <cce.axis@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Rajith and All,

I also agree that we should have a method to specify the port for synapse server.

IMHO it is also important allow users to specify the port when starting sample Axis2 servers.
Then users can start multiple Axis2 servers for testing sample scenarios.

I have started working on both these issues. Will send a patch soon.


On 12/2/06, Asankha C. Perera < asankha@wso2.com> wrote:
Ok.. I see your point here.. and I agree it would be useful.. Let me see
if I can also push in this feature.. I am thinking of doing a real RC
next week .. as we have a chance to fix the shapshot dependencies to
revisions. Else, please open a JIRA so that we could do it for the next
RC or the 0.90 release


Rajith Attapattu wrote:
> Hi All,
> I understand that we now have port 8080 as default and if not
> available we keep trying a list of ports.
> Also we can change the port in the axis2.xml.
> However I still think it's useful to have the following feature
> syanpse -p[port_numer] --repo[repo_path]
> I understand that this was there and was removed recently.
> I think this is a very useful feature to have especially for testing.
> If u need several synapse instances then we can use the -p or --port
> option to start n number of instances that share the same repo or we
> can use a --repo option to specify a different repo.
> This way I can start multiple instance from a single installation.
> thoughts ??
> Rajith

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