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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Release plan for 1.0
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 18:54:45 GMT
Sorry this is a bit later than promised..

The features that would go into 1.0 release are the following:
* Non blocking HTTP/S transports based on HttpCore/NIO
* Two way authentication and hostname verification
* Combination of the Inline-External Script mediators and enhancements
* Implementation of proposed configuration language syntax changes 
* Throtting mediator with policy based configuration
* Load balancing and Failover send of messages (SYNAPSE-60)
* Support sending of a message to multiple destinations, and continue 
processing after a send (SYNAPSE-57)
* Updated documentation and Samples
* Support for transactional resources, sequences and endpoint 
definitions (SYNAPSE-62)
* Support for reading and modifying transport and axis2 headers 

Other JIRAs fixed for this release will include: SYNAPSE-53, SYNAPSE-52, 

The pending open JIRAs are as follows:
 Key                    Status   Summary 
SYNAPSE-66     FIX*    Can't listen on existing JBoss JMS topic
SYNAPSE-63     FIX      SOAP service proxied to POX service causes 
Synapse to return POX
SYNAPSE-54     LOW   Script mediator transformations are not appended to 
the debug log messages in synapse console
SYNAPSE-50     ENH    HTTP Basic Authentication mediator
SYNAPSE-45     NEW   Attachment Mediator

I would suggest the following schedule for the release
1.0 RC1
Target Date : 16th March
JIRAs to be closed: SYNAPSE-63
Other: Complete Script mediator enhancements

1.0 RC2
Target Date: 23rd March
JIRAs to be closed: SYNAPSE-66
Other: Complete updating all Samples and Documentation, User guide, 
Configuration Language and Site/Release docs

1.0 Release
Target Date: 31st March

Please let me know your comments on this and if I have missed out anything?


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