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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Release plan for 1.0
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 04:42:30 GMT
Yes, I understand it is a bit aggressive.. and would like to get the 
best first impression for the 1.0 release. At the same time, I feel that 
it is time for us to make another build out.. esp. with the NIO code 
etc. even if we are still dependent on Axis2 1.1.1
Most of the folks in Sri Lanka will be out for a couple of days around 
the second week of April as it is the local new year time, and it seems 
like I will need to spend some time on fixing a couple of JMS related 
issues that have surfaced as well. We could also get some QA time for 
Synapse next week - and I want to make best use of that, to make sure we 
don't have anything broken after the new language syntax or endpoint 
related changes etc.

On the point that Ant made on Axis2 1.2..  if we are to bring in fixes 
from Axis2 (e.g. for JMS) and move to 1.2, we will need to perform some 
more testing after the switch, although I am confident that any more bug 
fixes (if any) on HttpCore will not cause us any issues. Note that we 
have not had any issues in Synapse caused by any Axis2 1.1.1 issues so 
far.. and we are not waiting for any new features out of 1.2, so if we 
are to depend on 1.2 - it would be for any general fixes of Axis2 (that 
we haven't yet seen/performance etc) and any JMS related fixes.

So lets try our best to stick to the below timelines and make "builds" 
of Synapse 1.0-SNAPSHOT (that will be hosted on to 
make sure that we fix up any of our issues. We will not call them RCs. 
And then once the Axis2 1.2 timelines are known, we can make a decision 
on how we are going to depend on it and when we would plan our actual 
release after testing with the 1.2 code?

Let me know your thoughts and comments..


Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> Seems a bit aggressive but if the dates can be hit then +1.
> We have to remember .. don't get a 2nd chance for a first impression.

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