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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Proposal to combine the Inline script mediator with the Script mediator
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 10:28:16 GMT
Hi Ant

> No it doesn't apply correctly for me either sorry, can't see exactly 
> why yet, so if you have a zip then attaching that to the jira would be 
> helpful. The changes look fine to me though so if you already have it 
> applied locally feel free to just commit it.
I committed this change, as I spent quite a bit of time trying to 
troubleshoot it myself.. I have reviewed the code, but would be great if 
you could go through as well. The main concern I have is whether 
BSFEngines are threadsafe. Check ScriptMediator.loadBSFEngine() and the 
comment I have made. If the engine is not thread safe we should 
synchronize access to it..
> I see there's code in there for the wso2 axiom e4x impl, is there any 
> chance of getting a release of that made so the Synapse 1.0 could use it?
Yes, I was troubleshooting this last evening/night with Sameera who was 
working on this, and the Axiom/E4X code works correctly with Synapse as 
expected. However, they do not have a release (only snapshots) yet, and 
also in the unit test context - our test was failing. It was quite 
difficult to go through the rhino code as it lacked Javadocs/comments 
and had some weired code where member variables of one class were 
directly modified by another etc..  So now the Synapse code will work 
with either implementations according to whats available at runtime. If 
you check the pom.xml modifications - you will notice what needs to be 
changed to use it.


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