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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Unable to build from trunk with maven
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:40:11 GMT
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Hi Griffin<br>
Phew.. I fixed this just now.. trying to get though the M2 dependencies
with Axis2 and the fake pom's created by me to overcome this. Now all
snapshots will only be loaded from a private repo hosted on where I would place stable axis2 builds (hopefully!)<br>
Could you check now and see? <br>
Michael Griffin wrote:
  <pre wrap="">Hi all,

I'm not able to build the latest code using maven.  I'm getting a message
that org.apache.axis2:axis2:jar:SNAPSHOT is missing.  What is the best way
for me to correct this so that I am run the build with maven.


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