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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Transport appears to be hanging because an unchecked exception caused the I/O dispatch thread to terminate
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 07:46:32 GMT
Hi Oleg

Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:
> The problem appears to be caused by Synapse opening an I/O pipe per
> *every* incoming and outgoing HTTP message. On some platforms this can
> be a very expensive operation both in terms of performance and system
> resources. On Windows opening a I/O pipe apparently requires a local IP
> port to be allocated. No wonder Synapse chokes only after a few thousand
> of requests.
> I see absolutely no reason why Synapse should make use of I/O pipes.
> Essentially pipes are being used to bridge event-driven NIO and stream
> based classic IO. There are other ways to get the job done. A trivial
> shared buffer with synchronized access should perfectly suffice. I'll
> happily lend you a helping hand if necessary.
Could you help me a bit here.. The Pipe class seemed to let us do what 
we wanted - i.e. bridge streams to channels - without having to write 
our own code. Could you elaborate more on how you propose to get around 
using Pipes? or would you have a pointer to any code?


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