Hi Raimund

The default http/s client transport of Axis2 is based on the commons HttpClient. Please see the following links for some direct solutions for your issue.

You may also find more articles through a search on the OxygenTank library.

I know that Asankha has been working on a non-blocking HTTP client for Axis2 that re-uses connections. As I understand it this code is only in the Synapse release so far ( http://ws.apache.org/synapse). But I know there is a plan to get it into the core of Axis2. It is just an Axis2 transport so the code will work under Axis2.

Asankha - am I right?

Yes, the transport we developed for Synapse is tuned for a high throughput environment where you would actually gain from a non-blocking client implementation. Thus, if you just want to send a message and read its response, this transport is not right for you; as it will create an IO Reactor, a thread pool to handle the requests, and prepare to send multiple messages out reusing connections where applicable. We have plans to move this transport into Axis2, but the client side should be used with care for the above reasons.

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