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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Features for 1.1 release
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 12:51:35 GMT
Hi all

I am trying to list and prioritize the set of features that we would 
like to introduce into Synapse 1.1, and any defects that should be 
fixed. Some of the main areas under consideration are:

1. Improvement of Transports

    - Ability to expose a proxy over a custom port
    - Ability to use a custom SSL configuration when exposing over a 
custom port
    - Ability to use a custom SSL configuration for an endpoint (i.e. 
certificate used for two-way authentication)

    - Ability to use file/ftp/sftp/.. transport through Apache commons 

    Corba / EJB / JDBC
    - Ability call into these external systems

2. Mediators
    XQuery / Saxon XSLT
    Cobol Copybook to XML
    CSV to XML
    Reporting - (for auditing etc.)
    Looping mediator - to process a message as multiple smaller (one 
way) messages
    Mediator to call into JDBC


    Calling into Apache ODE to support BPEL

If you would like to suggest or add any other items to list please let 
me know. I will add this into the Wiki/JIRA and prepare how we want to 
achieve these, based on actual usage by users and the priorities.


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