On 7/24/07, Paul Fremantle <pzfreo@gmail.com> wrote:
I recently read Dan's blog entry on the SCA assembly model:

That and some other discussions I've had made me think about maybe
offering the SCA assembly model to configure Synapse. So it seems to
me that you can draw a direct correlation between:

Synapse Proxy and SCA Service
Synapse Endpoint and SCA reference
Synapse Mediator - a specific type of SCA Component
Synapse Property - SCA Property

If we were to make the XMLConfigurationBuilder pluggable then we could
just use this as an alternative configuration language. We did talk
about this in the beginning of Synapse [we discussed having a LEX/YACC
style config language - which I would still LOVE if someone wants to
do that - it would make a great Computer Science project]

Anyway back to SCA, it seems to me that this would be a pretty nice
alternative config model, using an independent third party language.
I'm guessing that there is plenty of Tuscany code could help us
implement this. Maybe we might do it jointly?

So I'm imagining the existing runtime being *exactly* the same as
today, but being able to use a subset of the SCA Assembly model to
configure it. Maybe some of the SCA wizards on tusc-dev can jump in
and let me know if this is feasible?


PS If someone is looking at
http://www.infoq.com/news/2007/07/scaproblem and wondering where this
is coming from I offer a few thoughts. Firstly, I'm always open to
being proved wrong! Secondly, this would not be adding any layers of
indirection... I'm mapping directly from SCA concepts into the Synapse
runtime with this idea. Finally, I see nothing wrong with holding
several inconsistent viewpoints at the same time :)

Great idea. This is definitely feasible, and also i think it would be really useful - so good for Synapse and good for Tuscany. You're right, we do have plenty of code in Tuscany that we can use, a big part of recent Tuscany releases has been around modularizing the code base to make exactly this type of thing easy to do. So I'd like take you up on the suggestion to do this jointly, as it turns out, i can even spend a bit of time helping make this happen. Let me go pull some things together and I'll post more about it tomorrow.