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From "WALTON Jason" <>
Subject Changing configuration dynamically
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 16:55:49 GMT
I'm looking to dynamically change the configuration of Synapse while it
is running.  I notice that SynapseConfiguration has methods such as
"addProxyService" which would seem to allow these sorts of changes,
programmatically.  The "Extending Synapse" article on the Synapse main
page notes that it is recommended that custom mediator implementations
do not modify the SynapseConfiguration as it is shared system wide, but
this also seems to imply that it could be changed.  I also had a quick
peek at the WSO2 ESB, since it is built on Synapse, and it seems to make
changes by calling into the SynapseConfiguration.
However, digging into the implementation, I see no indication of any
form of thread synchronization in SynapseConfiguration, nor anywhere it
is referenced.  This seems to imply that changing the configuration
while running would not be thread safe.  Am I missing the
synchronization mechanism?

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