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From Henrik Plate <>
Subject Re: Multiple responses
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:39:25 GMT

Hi Ruwan,

I don't think it's related to the proxy not finding sth.

If I replace the clone mediator by two sequence mediators sequentially
calling MOD1 and MOD2, it works (even though I have the initial problems
related to the closed HTTP connection when each service sends a response
message). Please find the complete config below.

Kind regards,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<syn:definitions xmlns:syn="">
    <syn:registry provider="org.wso2.esb.registry.ESBRegistry">
        <syn:parameter name="cachableDuration">60000</syn:parameter>
        <syn:parameter name="root">file:registry/</syn:parameter>
    <syn:proxy name="MFProxy" startOnLoad="true">
        <syn:target inSequence="MFSeq" outSequence="main"
    <syn:sequence name="MFSeq">
            <syn:target sequence="MOD1"/>
            <syn:target sequence="MOD2"/>
    <syn:sequence name="MOD1">
                <syn:wsdl service="TestReqRes" port="TestReqResSOAP"
uri="http://localhost:9000/axis2/services/TestReqRes?wsdl" format="soap11">
    <syn:sequence name="MOD2">
                <syn:wsdl service="TestReqRes2" port="TestReqResSOAP"
uri="http://localhost:9000/axis2/services/TestReqRes2?wsdl" format="soap11">
    <syn:sequence name="fault">
    <syn:sequence name="main">
            <syn:log level="full"/>
            <syn:filter source="get-property('To')"

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