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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Synapse 1.1 Release Candidate - 1 :: Available
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 08:07:56 GMT
Hi Saminda
> 1. Is there a particular reason to  have  axis2-adb,  
> axis2-adb-codegen,  axis2-codegen,  axis2-wsdl2java, axis2-xmlbeans,  
> and axis2-kernel  rather having  axis2-1.3.jar . Axis2.jar contains 
> class of all the above mentioned.
Hmm.. good point.. I remember a long time back we were using the 
axis2-<x.x>.jar as the only dependency and then moved back to using the 
individual components.. anyway since both works the same way lets leave 
it as it is for now.
> 2. Axis2 comply with Spring 1.2.8 onwards. You've shipping 1.2.6.
We are not using any Axis2-Spring stuff.. we ship spring only for the 
spring mediator, and as you say we could ship the latest version, or one 
could replace the version shipped to a later version. We also noted the 
availability of a new version of Saxon, and a newer point release of 
Log4J than what we included. But again as these are not serious, and we 
cannot re-test some of the completed test cases, I do not think we 
should change the code/build right now.
> 3. Is Synapse compatible with 1.5 onwards? 
Yes, in fact this release was tested only with JDK 1.5 and on Unix 
platforms due to the limited QA time.
> If yes, backport-util-concurrent-2.2.jar and bcprov-jdk13-132.jar can 
> be discarded.
fully agree - I noticed the extra bcprov JAR just after I cut the RC.. 
but our scripts have been configured to pick the correct bcprov JAR for 
the JDK anyway, and hence again I am ok to differ removal of these for 
the next point release.


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