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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: POJOCommandMediator needs improvement
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 10:37:32 GMT
Answers inline

On Dec 4, 2007 10:26 AM, Ruwan Linton <> wrote:

> Paul,
> I am in the process of implementing the getters from the command back to
> the message in the POJOCommand mediator and came across the following
> issues.
> 1) Do we have to set the properties back to the message body (that is:
> like replacing the message payload or part of the payload depending on the
> provided XPATH from the result of a command object after execution)


> 2) If so, what if there is two matching elements? (Are we going to use the
> first found or all)

Just the first I think. We can document this, and encourage people to use
exact XPaths. If people have repeating elements they need to deal with then
they need to use the normal mediator interface I think

> 3) In that case are we replacing the element or attaching the result
> property as a child to the matching element in the message?

I think we are replacing it. That gives the user more power, and this makes
it more symmetric too.

Can you also provide some examples?


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