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From "Saminda Abeyruwan" <>
Subject Re: Plans for the next synapse release (1.1.1)
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:52:17 GMT
On Dec 11, 2007 8:49 PM, Asankha C. Perera <> wrote:

> Hi Saminda
> As Syanpse is compatible with Java 1.5 and higher, would 1.1 release is
> going to ship  dependencies  like  backport-util-concurrent-XX.jar and
> bcprov-jdk13-132.jar. In addition to this, if Axis2.jar can be included
> instead of Axis2-XX.jar sub jars, it would clean-up the dependencies in
> the lib too.
> I agree.. lets remove backport-util-concurrent .. about switching to
> axis2.jar, can you or Deepal confirm that the following are included in it
> for us to go ahead?
> thanks
> asankha

Axis2.jar contains  following  with  1.3 release and  the current truck,


As you can see Axis2.jar ships addressing related classes and its module.xml.
Thus, having Axis2.jar in classpath will cause addressing to be available.
Hence, you wouldn't have to have a dependency for addressing-1.3.mar as
well. But the downside is, if URL repository  has to be supported  out of
the box, you would have to send the addressing-1.3.mar and modules.list file
in the repository/modules directory.

Axis2.jar does not include axis2-mtompolicy related class, thus, it has to
be an independent dependency. When considering axis2-mtompolicy.jar,
axis2-kernel has to be excluded from the transitive dependency section.

Thank you


>   axis2-adb-1.3.jar  axis2-adb-codegen-1.3.jar  axis2-codegen-1.3.jar
> axis2-java2wsdl-1.3.jar  axis2-kernel-1.3.jar  axis2-mtompolicy-1.3.jar
> axis2-xmlbeans-1.3.jar

Saminda Abeyruwan

Senior Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc. -

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