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From "xuhongbo" <>
Subject Re: http-transport-bug fixed
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 17:12:45 GMT
Hi, Oleg:
    I feels sorry that I have not expressed clearly. 
> (1) Status of what request are you checking? Client to synapse?

No , not client to synapse, but the request synapse relayed to axisServer

I just add code to check the status of http-request relayed from synapse to axisServer . 

More details about how to do this is :
In NHttpClientHandler error report callback, I  check if the request sent from synapse to
axisServer has finished.Here "finish" means received response back from axisServer;

If finished , synapse will ommit the exception, and just simply close connection. But if not
finish , we will not only close http connection, but also we should send back a error-message-context
to axisClient. 

> to target server? Do not forget Synapse is a proxy, whereas HttpCore is
> meant to be a generic transport library. It is not meant to provide
> functions applicable to HTTP proxies only. 

> (2) NHttpClientConnection handles requests and responses completely
> asynchronously. It can receive several pipelined requests before sending
> out the first response. So, for instance, if an I/O exception occurs
> while sending out a response, there is no point passing the status of
> the _current_ request because there is no guarantee this request

Yes the NHttpClientHandler itself cannot identify which is the _current_request. so I must
save the http-request in connection's context( conn.getContext().setAttribute(AXIS2_HTTP_REQUEST,

> corresponds to the failed response. This decision can be made at the
> protocol handler level only.

Yes, httpCore is and should be a generic http protocol library. And NHttpClientHandler should
generally indicate event of protocol level . and it does works very well. 

But my matter is while  exception occured, I must make sure if the request relayed to axisServer
has finished.
 If it's not finished, synapse should send a failure-message-context back to axisClient  to
indicate the failure.

and after I writted the patch, I found that all the patch code's work is just detecting if
a http-request send to http-server has received a response , when http connection cannot be
used any more (due to exception or time-out). 

and the patch code looks  very awkward ... ...; so I think if http-core could support Callback
to detecting http-request status(yet, I think maybe SessionRequestCallback could do this.
(I am not sure about this). but in my test, SessionRequestCallback can only report limited

> (3) You can use the state of the encoder / decoder passed in the
> NHttpClientHandler#outputReady() / NHttpServiceHandler#inputReady()
> events to determine whether a request has been fully sent / received.
> Hope this helps somewhat
> Oleg
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