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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Synapse / WSO2 ESB Community Site (beta)
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:21:24 GMT

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Apache 
Synapse and the WSO2 ESB user community site -!

We hope that this will help us build a vibrant community around our 
users and developers, and help our community to share their experiences, 
extensions, articles, case studies, screen casts, patches and many more 
artifacts and resources related to these open source ESB's.

You can sign up as a member, and begin to upload your custom extensions, 
or article and code snippets etc, and rate content uploaded by fellow 
users. In the future, the Synpase developer community would also publish 
some of the extensions over the community site, which will allow users 
to update their installations with new functionality. The community site 
will also feature patches for released versions of the ESB's as well as 
link to articles and screen casts and FAQ's of interest.

mediators Mediators

    * EJB Callout Mediator
    * URLRewrite Mediator
    * Java Rule (JSR-94) Mediator
    * Smooks Transform Mediator
    * IM Mediator

Summaries Article and Screencast summaries

    * Apache Synapse / WSO2 ESB Performance against Mule and Service Mix
    * Apache Synapse / WSO2 ESB Performance against the leading
      commercial ESB [Article]
    * HMO Case Study using the WSO2 ESB [Case study]
    * Exposing EJB and WS Repositories using Service Aggregation,
      Utilizing WSO2's Open Source ESB [Case study]
    * Stepping into Apache Synapse [Article]
    * Bridging from HTTP and WS-Security to JMS with the WSO2 ESB
    * Simple Proxy Services with the WSO2 ESB [Screencast]

XSLTs Sample XSLTs

    * Identity transformation with a namespace change

XPath Sample XPaths

    * Selecting over both SOAP 1.1 and 1.2

Configurations Sample Configurations

    * Using Clone and Aggregate mediators and using XSLT's for selecting
      the highest quote

FAQs FAQ for Apache Synapse and WSO2 ESB

Patches Patches for Apache Synapse and WSO2 ESB

the WSO2 ESB development team

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