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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [Axis2][Proposal] Move JMS / Async NIO transports out of Axis2 into Synapse
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 17:18:42 GMT
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At this point, Can we please agree that it's better for the people who actually work on it
have their way :)


Glen Daniels wrote:
| Asankha C. Perera wrote:
|> Dims
|>> - there should not be stale copies
|>> - people who work on them should work where they want to.
|> +1 to both!
| Agreed - I'd just prefer people wanted to work on them under WS/Axis. :)
|> I'd like to maintain these under Synapse.. We wrote these transports
|> primarily for use by Synapse, and now we have JMS, NIO-HTTP/S, Mail,
|> VFS (File), FIX and AMQP already.. These belong to a separate Maven
|> module thats published to the Apache snapshots and Maven Central
|> repos, and
| Hm.  So this is a bit of a separate conversation, but *each* of the
| transports should be its own deployable artifact.  If I want the AMQP
| transport for some work I'm doing, I don't want to bother downloading
| all the others....  Wherever they end up we should fix that!!
|> this JAR does not depend on the Synapse codebase at all. Anyone who
|> wishes to use these can do so without any problems whatsoever, and
|> raise JIRA's for bugs/enhancements where the code is actually maintained.
| Yeah.  I just think this makes a lot more sense under WS.
|>> | | These transports (JMS, NIO, whatever) are going to be generally
|>> useful to any Axis2 user, so why make them go look in Synapse's
|>> codebase for them?
|> I agree,.. however these transports were written by the Synapse
|> community for primary use by them. So instead of asking them to
|> maintain the code they write somewhere else - for the convenience of
|> the secondary users, why not clearly document the available options
|> under Axis2 and where one could download these extension transports
|> developed by the Synapse community?
| Sure, I'm not saying that wouldn't work - what's really important to me
| is that Axis2 users get a clear picture of the available transports when
| they download Axis2 and use our website.  This is both to avoid
| duplication of effort and to enable users to use the richest set of
| components available.  It seems to me that the most natural way to
| achieve this is to contribute new transports to ws-commons or Axis2.
| Also consider this - wouldn't it be cool to be able to run the Axis2
| test suite (which is presumably much more comprehensive than Synapse's
| testing of Axis2) over each of the transports that Synapse originally
| built?  I would think that might demonstrate some issues that Synapse
| itself might not find, thus enabling the transports to be improved.
| But if the community wants to keep developing these under Synapse, then
| we definitely need some pointers in the Axis2 code and web pages, and
| those pointers need to be maintained.
| Thanks,
| --Glen
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