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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [Axis2][Proposal] Move JMS / Async NIO transports out of Axis2 into Synapse
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 19:31:46 GMT
Hi Ruwan:

Be careful to "reply all" so that dev@synapse gets cc'ed...

Ruwan Linton wrote:
> I agree with you. But my concern is the history. That is, when ever we 
> (synapse) wanted some transport specific feature for synapse to be added 
> to axis2 transports axis2 community was not accepting them due to many 
> reasons most of them are valid for web services, but from the synapse 
> point of view, we do not need to (and should not) bound to the web 
> services. Isn't it?

I don't think so - Axis2 supports REST-style invocations as well, right?

Let me put it this way... if Synapse is using these transport *as* Axis2 
transports (i.e. plugging them in via axis2.xml, etc), then they *are* 
Axis2 transports regardless of whether you're using them for SOAP or not 
on the wire.  If Synapse had some completely different mechanism for 
installing transports that doesn't go through Axis2 at ALL, then that 
would clearly be very different (it doesn't, does it?).

> This behavior is affecting the evolution of synapse and that is why we 
> went ahead and developed our own transports. (Best example is the SMTP 
> transport)

I agree with dims - I'd like to see the conversations you're referring 
to.  If there is a community issue here, let's work it out - I'd rather 
do the right thing (esp if everyone actually agrees :)) than have a 
suboptimal solution which masks a problem we should be solving.


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