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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject [VOTE] [Proposal] WS-Commons transports project
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 20:42:56 GMT
[ Please refer to this thread for context :

OK, let me make a concrete proposal here.

I hereby propose that we kick off a ws-commons "transports" project.  As 
with the other ws-commons projects, this would have its own release 
schedule.  All current ws-all committers would have commit rights, and 
we'd add anyone from the Synapse team that would like to work on 
transports, and isn't already a committer.

Each transport within ws-commons Transports would be a separate 
releasable artifact, i.e. "" etc... and each 
such transport would be releasable on its own with an appropriate VOTE 
of the ws-commons committers.

We'd use commons-dev and commons-user mailing lists as per usual for 
communication, and SVN would be 

We'd get started by moving whichever transports in Axis2 and Synapse are 
appropriate into the new source tree.

Here's my +1.  Please comment / VOTE at will.


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