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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [Proposal] WS-Commons transports project
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:45:04 GMT
Hey Sanjiva:

Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> Glen, why ws/commons/transports? Why not ws/transports??
> We've moved away from commons in Axiom etc. - that is, packages no 
> longer say that and IMO that's better.

The package names don't matter - I'm talking about organization of the 
project.  Axiom, Neethi, etc. are all under webservices/commons in SVN, 
and they all use commons-dev for discussion.  Since commons is a place 
to put common components that are used across the WS universe (and 
elsewhere), that made sense to me as a place to put transports.

I'm fine with webservices/transports too, although I still think they 
would actually make the most sense as separately buildable/deployable 
artifacts under axis2/.

If we're all in agreement for webservices/transports, let's do that, and 
I guess we should kick off too.


> Deepal jayasinghe wrote:
>> Glen Daniels wrote:
>>> [ Please refer to this thread for context :
>>> ]
>>> OK, let me make a concrete proposal here.
>>> I hereby propose that we kick off a ws-commons "transports" project.  
>>> As with the other ws-commons projects, this would have its own 
>>> release schedule.  All current ws-all committers would have commit 
>>> rights, and we'd add anyone from the Synapse team that would like to 
>>> work on transports, and isn't already a committer.
>> +1 for making a commons project for Axis2 transports. This will help 
>> both Axis2 and other dependent projects such as Synapse.
>>> Each transport within ws-commons Transports would be a separate 
>>> releasable artifact, i.e. "" etc... and 
>>> each such transport would be releasable on its own with an 
>>> appropriate VOTE of the ws-commons committers.
>> Personally I would like to download all the transport as a single jar 
>> , but I do not mind releasing them separately as long as you give 
>> single jar as well.
>> Thank you!
>> Deepal
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