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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: dispatcher timeout from proxy
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 17:02:42 GMT
Hi Michael

First of all, you need to subscribe to the mailing lists before you 
post,.. see [0], else you will not see our replies in future..
> I have a proxy service based on the VFS proxy. The problem is that I 
> want to increase the amount of time that expires before the service 
> gives up. Watching the output of synapse, I see that there is a message:
> [I/O dispatcher 7] DEBUG ServerHandler HTTP connection 
> [sblade/] : timeout
> This timeout occurs after 60 seconds which is not enough time for the 
> request to complete.
> Is there a solution for increasing the timeout value?
This has now been improved (i.e. on the trunk code) to support the 
endpoint's timeout value [1]. With Synapse 1.2, you can set the global 
socket timeout by dropping a file named into your 
classpath (e.g. lib directory), and adjusting the following property as 
required, into this file (the value is in milli seconds)




Asankha C. Perera

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