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From "Thilina Gunarathne" <>
Subject Re: Committing patch contributed for MIME message parser and serializer based on Apache mime4j [WSCOMMONS-387]
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 11:53:46 GMT
Hi All.
Wonder why Oleg removed the patch, without even committing it to a branch..
I did not even get a chance to look in to the new patch with deferred
building :(...

Current API and impl's were designed in a desperate manner to get MTOM & SWA
working, when we found that java mail does not work well for us. So I'm sure
there are many places where we can improve the architecture and the API. I
would like to volunteer and team up with Oleg to fix the inflexibility and
the API that people were reporting in this thread. Hopefully we can
eventually come up with an abstract API to support different implementations
and to plug in MIME4J.

For this I would like to understand the inflexibility and the concrete use
cases in a more detailed manner, so that we'll not just think of MTOM & SWA
when reorganising these things. I need support from all of you guys for this


--Thilina Gunarathne  -

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