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From indika kumara <>
Subject Re: Make enable Synapse to configure in others ways
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 07:39:51 GMT
Hi Charith

FOR ME , there are some issues ...

One issue is there are no java documents and logging. And code has not
been formatted.

Another issue is you have used java reflection to detect methods
'createConfigurationContext' and 'createSynapseConfiguration'. One
thing is, this is not a requirement to use reflection. These methods
are important to synapse as they setup synapse. You must use
"interfaces'.  Using reflection is something like that you are trying
to find a way to get work done forcibly, when someone says he cannot

You can create something time 'SynapseConfigurationFactory' and add method

'createSynapseConfiguration(List<String> confPaths)'

List of path may be needed if it is needed to merge a configurations
from multiple configurations or create a
'CompositeSynaseConfiguration' without merging but just keep as
children configurations

There is another thing. It is important to avoid (as possible) when
setting and getting instance properties of a class, use of 'Map',
'List'. This breaks the one of most important OOP principle –
encapsulation. You always expose internal data structure. Therefore,
It is better to use 'add< relates word – property, parameter>(
key,value)' and  returning 'Iterator'  for getters. This is only
important if you care OOP. Other is don't try to use toString for
anything other than logging.

I am not sure in this way you can achieve what you want. You have hard
coded both 'ConfigurationContextBuilder' and 'ConfigurationBuilder'
(those are not interfaces'. And I can see method like


I may misunderstand these. Sorry if it is.

If you want to differentiates the ways that synapse configuration
provides (xml based DSL or some other). You need a
'SynapseConfigurationProvider or SynapseConfigurationFactory'
implementations … You can get this using many ways. Simplest thing is
to specify as a property in the It is very simple,
declarative, will work in any environment (Example OSGI) without any
additional code, will work in any deployment mode (web app,
standalone) and other is , this is mostly a one property not like
mediators.  You can use many other ways, system property (need to
avoid, a security hole), inti parameter, java service provider API,
discovery, etc….
You simply what need here a 'SynapseConfigurationProvider' finding
strategy. You can have single strategy with assigned precedence order
to each ways of finding 'SynapseConfigurationProvider' class. For
example, you can first look at , then init
parameter , system properties , SPI ,etc………

SynapseConfigurationProvider provider =

Within find method, it is needed to implement the strategy

If this 'provider' is null you can use default our existing

To get synapse configuration

SynapeConfiguration = proiver.getSynapseConfiguration(List<String> confPaths)

(If you use 'SynapseConfigurationFactory' instead of
'SynapseConfigurationProvider' use can call
'createSynapseConfiguration(List<String> confPaths)'

This is only a way (untested) and you never want to do this …You can
think and do it in better way than this.

For your knowledge, existing synapse language is a DSL. It is focused
on domain ESB or a middleware with some properties that make it
special. It is too an external DSL. Actually, according to the
'martinfowler' - one of well recognized scientist, XML is the worst
thing for external DSL. There are more resources at [1] .



On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Charith Wickramarachchi
<> wrote:
> Hi devs,
> In order to be able to configure synapse in other ways than the XML
> configuration language, I have abstracted out the initialization into a
> one level higher layer where you can specify the mechanism by which you
>  want to load the configuration. This will not affect the usual synapse
> initialization flow, but is just an abstraction layer.
>  With this users will be able to plug their own Synapse Configuration and
> ConfigurationContext with out touching the synapse code base.
>  Following is a brief  description of this improvement and if this is OK
>  to be committed into synapse I will attach the patch for further reviews.
>  org.apache.synapse.ConfigurationBuilder
>  This is the abstraction layer added to Synapse for it to be able to
>  extend or rather use new Configuration mechanism (DSL) than using the
>  default Synapse Configuration Language. With this improvement users can
>  use other Configurations by enabling the ConfigurationBuilder.
>  Eg: ConfigurationBuilder cbuilder=ConfigurationBuilder.getInstence();
>  cbuilder.setEnable(true);
>  (this is done in users code not in synapse codebase)
>  Then users must set the Builder Class in the ConfigurationBuilder.(This
>  must be the fully qualified name of the Builder Class that users use to
>  build the Configuration) And then users can set parameters needed to the
>  build the configuration. The only restriction that Builder Class (the
>  third party class that used to build the configuration) have is its
>  configuration builder method must have the name
>  "createSynapseConfiguration".
>  The Configuration Builder class will find the appropriate method form
>  the Builder class using the class name and the parameter list and then
>  it will build the Synapse configuration.The advantage of using this
>  abstraction layer is Synapse ServerManager does not depend on the third
>  party Synapse configuration builders.
>  org.apache.synapse.ConfigurationContextBuilder
> This is the abstraction layer added to the Synapse project to Start
> Axis2 and Synapse using a Different application context this works as
> same as the ConfigurationBuilder described above. Users who wants to
> extent synapse to Start using a different application context can use this.
> Here the restriction that is given to the Builder class is it must have
> the method "createConfigurationContext" to Create configuration
> context.The ConfigurationContextBuilder will locate the correct method
> and build the Configuration Context to start the Axis2 and Synapse in
> that context.
> thank you,
> Charith Dhanushka Wickramarachchi

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