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From "Hubert, Eric" <>
Subject Changes in AbstractMediatorFactory
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 13:18:26 GMT
Hi all,

while developing and testing the fault detection in the HessianMessageBuilder I'll noticed
that I had to change our custom developed code. 
The question is whether the code we use is considered part of the API of Synapse or not. 

AbstractmediatorFactory once exposed a protected method called processTraceState() which had
been renamed to processAuditStatus().

This method is not called inside any other method. So each concrete Factory has to call it
directly. Thus I would consider it to be part of the API as the user may need to write a factory
to process custom config snippets and call it in the create method.

If this is the case we might think of applying something like the attached patch to keep custom
mediator development compatible for at least one version. What do you think? How do you normally
handle something like this?

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