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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject [VOTE] Release plan for Synapse 1.3
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 20:39:41 GMT
Hi All

I would like to keep the Synapse 1.3 release date semi-flexible, since 
Axis2, Rampart, Transports etc are gearing up for their releases too, 
and we depend on them. Since we are making a major release almost after 
an year, we need to ensure that the quality of this release is at the 
expected level. Thus I would like to try to fix dates for the initial QA 
builds, and the defects we could/should cover for them from the Synapse 
codebase pov. (See the end of this message)

Lets plan for the 1st QA build on the 12th of April, followed by a 
weekly QA build every Monday thereafter until we are able to create 
release candidates. These builds would be taken off the nightly build 
process, and QA'ed. We need to get the users also to help us test the 
builds, and I would like to know if Evanthika and any others would be 
able to spend some professional QA time on these builds.

We would target to have a pre-release candidate (i.e. ann POMs, 
documents etc almost ready..) by the end of April - probably before or 
along with an Axis2 1.5 RC. Once Axis2 1.5/Transports 1.0 and Rampart 
1.4 becomes available, we will release the first official release 
candidate, and update it every Monday until the final release artifact 
is voted on.

Please vote for this process, or suggest any improvements:
[ ] +1 Release Synapse-1.3 according to this plan
[ ]  0
[ ] -1 With Reasons, Suggestions / Comments

Here are the list of Synapse issues I would want to fix for 1.3 as of 
now. I have attached an XLS of these issues as well, so that anyone 
could read these clearly, if the email formatting gets messed up.


*Priority* 	*Issue Type* 	*Key* 	*Summary* 	*Assignee* 	*Reporter* 
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-493 
<> 	Synapse sets 
the HttpCoreRequestResponseTransport status value to INITIAL 	Ruwan 
Linton 	Amila Chinthaka Suriarachchi 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-419 
NullPointerException thrown when trying out SwA optimization when the 
required service is not available 	Ruwan Linton 	Evanthika Amarasiri 	Major
Check 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-418 
JMSSender#processSyncResponse incorrectly sets serverSide to true 
Asankha C. Perera 	Andreas Veithen 	Major
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-410 
<> 	Replace 
lib\endorsed\xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar 	Unassigned 	Paul Fremantle 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-186 
<> 	Better support 
for HTTP in the NIO transport 	Asankha C. Perera 	Paul Fremantle 	Major
Check 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-436 
<> 	Synapse-1.2 
incorrectly sets the JMSReplyDestination Type 	Andreas Veithen 	Tanmay 
saha 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-431 
<> 	Problem when 
passing a String array through a proxy service 	Asankha C. Perera 
sumedha rubasinghe 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-398 
<> 	RM two-way 
invocation failed with Synapse 	Ruwan Linton 	Evanthika Amarasiri 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-348 
<> 	After 
performance improvments switching from serialize() to 
serializeAndConsume(), MTOM fails to serialize attachments 	Asankha C. 
Perera 	Asankha C. Perera 	Major
Must fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-352 
<> 	Namespace 
issues of generated SOAP faults 	Ruwan Linton 	Evanthika Amarasiri 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-381 
<> 	FIX session 
with the Acceptor endpoint failes when restarts the Synapse instance 
Unassigned 	Asanka Abeysinghe 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-330 
<> 	Load balancing 
with session affinity using the soap session is not working 	Ruwan 
Linton 	Ruwan Linton 	Major
Must fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-393 
<> 	Convertion not 
complete when using SOAPUtils.convertSOAP11toSOAP12() 	Unassigned 
Laurent CHARTIER 	Major
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-386 
<> 	Responses with 
HTTP Status codes don't always get returned to the client. 	Unassigned 
Leander Harding 	Major
Check 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-501 
<> 	validate 
mediator strips off namespace: result valid messages are rejected. 
Andreas Veithen 	harm verhagen 	Major
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-524 
<> 	Patches are not 
applied to the WAR distribution 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Major
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-528 
<> 	Synapse doesn't 
warn the user about pending callbacks 	Unassigned 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-496 
<> 	Out Action 
always urn:mediateResponse instead of value returned from server 
Asankha C. Perera 	Bill Majurski 	Minor
Later 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-280 
<> 	Synapse doesn't 
preserve CDATA sections 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor
Later 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-279 
<> 	Avoid dumping 
of large payloads in LogMediator 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-345 
<> 	SOAP headers 
MUST be namespace-qualified 	Unassigned 	Glen Daniels 	Minor
Good to fix 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-434 
<> 	Concurrency 
level provided by the mail and VFS transports listeners is 
insufficient 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor
Later 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-527 
<> 	Transports use 
TRANSPORT_NON_BLOCKING in an incorrect way 	Unassigned 	Andreas 
Veithen 	Minor
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-310 
Axis2FlexibleMEPClient.send logs misleading debug message 	Ruwan 
Linton 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-489 
<> 	base URI for 
XSLT include/import 	Andreas Veithen 	mikhailfranco 	Minor
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-391 
<> 	Update 
documentation on Script mediators with a description on 'include keys' 
Ruwan Linton 	Evanthika Amarasiri 	Trivial
Minor 	Bug 	SYNAPSE-407 
<> 	#registry 
anchor not found on Synapse_Configuration_Language.html 	Unassigned 
Senaka Fernando 	Trivial

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-458 
<> 	Allow the 
property mediator to set Boolean properties 	Unassigned 	Paul 
Fremantle 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-477 
<> 	NHTTP transport 
PUT and DELETE method support 	Unassigned 	Supun Kamburugamuva 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-239 
<> 	Shutdown should 
automatically detect the idle state after entering maintenance mode 
Asankha C. Perera 	Asankha C. Perera 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-485 
<> 	Replace the use 
of sun.misc.Service with something available on other JDKs 	Paul 
Fremantle 	Paul Fremantle 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-284 
<> 	Improve 
management support in Synapse transports (AbstractTransportListener) 
Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Major
Later 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-438 
<> 	Extend Iterate 
Mediator to Iterate Synchronously 	Unassigned 	Scott Hoggarth 	Major
Good to fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-441 
<> 	Declare the 
public API of Synapse, so that custom Mediator and Task developers know 
the boundary between the public API and Synapse internals 	Asankha C. 
Perera 	Asankha C. Perera 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-453 
<> 	Support for 
Mail Attachments 	Unassigned 	Stefan Lecho 	Major
Good to fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-457 
<> 	allow dbreport 
mediator to have a result 	Unassigned 	harm verhagen 	Major
Later 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-112 
<> 	Create a config 
model based on SCA 	Unassigned 	Paul Fremantle 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-378 
<> 	Improve the 
performance of the XSLT mediator 	Ruwan Linton 	Ruwan Linton 	Major
Good to fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-357 
<> 	Provide a 
switch to send mediator to specify whether to build the envelope before 
sending or not 	Ruwan Linton 	Ruwan Linton 	Major
Later 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-384 
<> 	Archived 
Repository and Read-Only Registry 	Unassigned 	Tanmay saha 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-377 
<> 	Improve 
MediatorDeployer to support Startups and embedded JARs 	Andreas 
Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-375 
<> 	Make statistics 
collection fine grained 	indika priyantha kumara 	indika priyantha 
kumara 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-502 
<> 	improve the vfs 
transport to use temporary file 	Unassigned 	Otto Frost 	Major
Good to fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-487 
<> 	Provide a 
mechanism to get access to client provided X509 Certificate within 
mediators 	Asankha C. Perera 	Lucas Moten 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-507 
<> 	Improve vfs 
sftp transport to handle login with IdentityFile (public/private keys) 
Unassigned 	Otto Frost 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-333 
<> 	Proposal to 
improve/consolidate session-affine load balancing options 	Unassigned 
Eric Hubert 	Major

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-421 
<> 	Allow Class 
mediator properties to be loaded from the Registry 	Unassigned 	Senaka 
Fernando 	Minor

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-497 
<> 	Synapse Spring 
Mediator Sample 	Ruwan Linton 	Charith Dhanushka Wickramarachchi 	Minor
Must fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-495 
<> 	Spring version 
update 	Unassigned 	Charith Dhanushka Wickramarachchi 	Minor
Must fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-473 
<> 	Synapse 
Clustering Documentation 	Unassigned 	Eric Hubert 	Minor

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-343 
<> 	Propose a way 
to handle messages that are received after the first message is 
processed through the onComplete method of the Aggregate mediator 	Ruwan 
Linton 	Evanthika Amarasiri 	Minor
Good to fix 	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-522 
<> 	Enhance the 
Send mediator AND/OR Endpoints, to accept properties 	Unassigned 
Asankha C. Perera 	Minor

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-306 
<> 	Merge Hessian 
and binary message builders/formatters 	Unassigned 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor

	Improvement 	SYNAPSE-526 
<> 	Add server 
connector to make use of existing MBeans 	Unassigned 	Eric Hubert 	Minor

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-346 
<> 	Support dynamic 
deployment of proxy services 	Ruwan Linton 	Sumeet Vij 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-329 
<> 	Proxy Service 
should support engaging only addressing over it 	Ruwan Linton 	Ruwan 
Linton 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-283 
<> 	Create Debian 
packages for Synapse 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-383 
<> 	AJP 1.3 
Transport Listener/Sender 	Unassigned 	Jonathan Holmes 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-385 
<> 	Externalize 
environment specific variables from xml definition files 	Unassigned 
Tanmay saha 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-474 
<> 	Clover Code 
coverage for Synapse 	Unassigned 	Ilanthirayan Paramanathan 	Major
Check 	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-180 
<> 	Require the 
ability to throttle by concurrency within a cluster 	indika priyantha 
kumara 	Asankha C. Perera 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-347 
<> 	Support Dynamic 
Deployment of Tasks 	Unassigned 	Scott Hoggarth 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-263 
<> 	Implementing a 
message store/ message redelivery 	Unassigned 	Jens Goldhammer 	Major

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-282 
<> 	Allow Synapse 
to consume syslog events 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-229 
<> 	Provide ability 
to collect and expose statistics and performance information at better 
granularity 	Asankha C. Perera 	Asankha C. Perera 	Minor

	New Feature 	SYNAPSE-411 
<> 	Expanded 
hessian support with SOAP/hessian transformation 	Unassigned 	Ralph 
Henze 	Minor

	Test 	SYNAPSE-350 
<> 	Improve unit 
tests for VFS transport 	Andreas Veithen 	Andreas Veithen 	Minor

	Wish 	SYNAPSE-396 
<> 	Consider 
reducing requisite dependencies of Synapse Core 	Andreas Veithen 	Oleg 
Kalnichevski 	Major

The Priority column should be read as follows:
Must fix - is most definitely a blocker for 1.3
Good to fix - if the developers have time to work on these issues, we 
should do our best to fix them
Check - these may be fixed already, and needs verification
Minor - are trivial issues to fix, so we should try to fix as much of 
these as we can, but these are not high in priority
Later - we will fix these after 1.3

Asankha C. Perera

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