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From Ruwan Linton <>
Subject Re: Offer to support Synapse development
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2009 23:05:23 GMT
Hi Eric,

It is really nice to see you getting on to the code...

We have integrated the FindBugs, Checkstyle and PMD through the respective
maven plugins and found that they were by default giving a set of issues but
after a going through those I have realized most of them are not really
issues, but of couse we have found a set of good issues that we had as well.
I am sure that we can configure the level of error checking but I didn't
tried to go along that path (well, I would say the time factor stopped me in
going that line). Even though we tried this we never get this committed into
the svn and got it to run continuously.

I think we better integrate these with correct configurations to get best
results and if you could help us getting there that would be of utmost help.

I think you will have to go through the JIRA and patches model for the
contributions for the moment until you become a committer, well that is how
generally apache operates (you may already know this), and I would prefer to
have small patches on one concern than a patch touching most of the files.

Thanks for the contribution, and it is very valuable for the evolution of
this project into a success product.


On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 3:55 AM, Hubert, Eric <>wrote:

> Hi Synapse-Devs,
> Since more than a year I've been actively following the Synapse users and
> dev mailings lists. Some of you may have also noticed my efforts to improve
> Synapse from a user's perspective by reporting bugs and submitting feature
> requests including implementation ideas and minor code contributions.
> I would like to extend this support in the direction of active code
> development.
> As a starting point I checked out Synapse trunk, imported the projects into
> Eclipse and activated my normal development toolset (Findbugs, PMD,
> Checkstyle, EclEmma). Well by having a look at the number of potential code
> problems I think there is some room for improvements (as always). ;-)
> I have seen you guys are using the great Hudson project as your CI
> environment:
> Have you ever considered setting up a doc job for Synapse using the
> following plugins:
> From my personal experiences I can say it's really worth to use it,
> especially to always have the trends of those metrics available. You will
> find some examples on the pages presented above.
> My personal interests regarding Synapse concentrate on the http transports,
> Hessian application protocol usage, server management, monitoring, the
> improvement of error logs for faster problem recognition, full JDK 6
> compatibility, and the separation of implementation and API supporting
> custom development of mediators.
> Besides this I'm willing to contribute also in other areas, but those are
> the ones my focus is on.
> The only question is where to start? I don't think it makes much sense to
> provide dozens of small code fixes in a great number of patches (per class
> or package). Too much work during review. A big patch touching too much
> files is even worse. Small and independent changes are important for a
> suitable review process.
> Thus I think it is best to start with small, independent features provided
> as a patch. As the very first start I would like to contribute a small
> enhancement to the Hessian message builder to detect fault messages.
> So I created a new JIRA for it:
> I tried to follow the conventions I have found. It would be nice if someone
> could review the patch and provide feedback. If you find any problems, I'll
> correct them.
> Regards,
>    Eric

Ruwan Linton - "Oxygenating the Web Services Platform"

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