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From Ruwan Linton <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release plan for Synapse 1.3
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 20:52:32 GMT
+1 for the plan.

I want to add to this that we need to test this release thoroughly on the
JDK-1.6. I heard @ApacheCon that the JDK-1.6 version is much more faster
than the JDK-1.5


On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 2:09 AM, Asankha C. Perera <>wrote:

>  Hi All
> I would like to keep the Synapse 1.3 release date semi-flexible, since
> Axis2, Rampart, Transports etc are gearing up for their releases too, and we
> depend on them. Since we are making a major release almost after an year, we
> need to ensure that the quality of this release is at the expected level.
> Thus I would like to try to fix dates for the initial QA builds, and the
> defects we could/should cover for them from the Synapse codebase pov. (See
> the end of this message)
> Lets plan for the 1st QA build on the 12th of April, followed by a weekly
> QA build every Monday thereafter until we are able to create release
> candidates. These builds would be taken off the nightly build process, and
> QA'ed. We need to get the users also to help us test the builds, and I would
> like to know if Evanthika and any others would be able to spend some
> professional QA time on these builds.
> We would target to have a pre-release candidate (i.e. ann POMs, documents
> etc almost ready..) by the end of April - probably before or along with an
> Axis2 1.5 RC. Once Axis2 1.5/Transports 1.0 and Rampart 1.4 becomes
> available, we will release the first official release candidate, and update
> it every Monday until the final release artifact is voted on.
> Please vote for this process, or suggest any improvements:
> ------------------------------------------------->8--------------------------------------------------
> [ ] +1 Release Synapse-1.3 according to this plan
> [ ]  0
> [ ] -1 With Reasons, Suggestions / Comments
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Here are the list of Synapse issues I would want to fix for 1.3 as of now.
> I have attached an XLS of these issues as well, so that anyone could read
> these clearly, if the email formatting gets messed up.
> thanks
> asankha
>   *Priority* *Issue Type* *Key* *Summary* *Assignee* *Reporter* *Priority*
> Minor Bug SYNAPSE-493<> Synapse
> sets the HttpCoreRequestResponseTransport status value to INITIAL Ruwan
> Linton Amila Chinthaka Suriarachchi Major  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-419<>
> thrown when trying out SwA optimization when the required service is not
> available Ruwan Linton Evanthika Amarasiri Major  Check Bug SYNAPSE-418<>
> incorrectly sets serverSide to true Asankha C. Perera Andreas Veithen
> Major  Minor Bug SYNAPSE-410<>
> lib\endorsed\xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar Unassigned Paul Fremantle Major  Good to
> fix Bug SYNAPSE-186<> Better
> support for HTTP in the NIO transport Asankha C. Perera Paul Fremantle
> Major  Check Bug SYNAPSE-436<>
> incorrectly sets the JMSReplyDestination Type Andreas Veithen Tanmay saha
> Major  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-431<>
> when passing a String array through a proxy service Asankha C. Perera sumedha
> rubasinghe Major  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-398<>
> two-way invocation failed with Synapse Ruwan Linton Evanthika Amarasiri
> Major  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-348<>
> performance improvments switching from serialize() to serializeAndConsume(),
> MTOM fails to serialize attachments Asankha C. Perera Asankha C. Perera
> Major  Must fix Bug SYNAPSE-352<>
> issues of generated SOAP faults Ruwan Linton Evanthika Amarasiri Major  Good
> to fix Bug SYNAPSE-381<> FIX
> session with the Acceptor endpoint failes when restarts the Synapse instance
> Unassigned Asanka Abeysinghe Major  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-330<>
> balancing with session affinity using the soap session is not working Ruwan
> Linton Ruwan Linton Major  Must fix Bug SYNAPSE-393<>
> not complete when using SOAPUtils.convertSOAP11toSOAP12() Unassigned Laurent
> CHARTIER Major  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-386<>
> with HTTP Status codes don't always get returned to the client. Unassigned Leander
> Harding Major  Check Bug SYNAPSE-501<>
> mediator strips off namespace: result valid messages are rejected. Andreas
> Veithen harm verhagen Major  Minor Bug SYNAPSE-524<>
> are not applied to the WAR distribution Andreas Veithen Andreas Veithen
> Major  Minor Bug SYNAPSE-528<>
> doesn't warn the user about pending callbacks Unassigned Andreas Veithen
> Minor  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-496<>
> Action always urn:mediateResponse instead of value returned from server Asankha
> C. Perera Bill Majurski Minor  Later Bug SYNAPSE-280<>
> doesn't preserve CDATA sections Andreas Veithen Andreas Veithen Minor
> Later Bug SYNAPSE-279<> Avoid
> dumping of large payloads in LogMediator Andreas Veithen Andreas Veithen
> Minor  Good to fix Bug SYNAPSE-345<>
> headers MUST be namespace-qualified Unassigned Glen Daniels Minor  Good to
> fix Bug SYNAPSE-434<> Concurrency
> level provided by the mail and VFS transports listeners is insufficient Andreas
> Veithen Andreas Veithen Minor  Later Bug SYNAPSE-527<>
> use TRANSPORT_NON_BLOCKING in an incorrect way Unassigned Andreas Veithen
> Minor  Minor Bug SYNAPSE-310<>
> logs misleading debug message Ruwan Linton Andreas Veithen Minor  Minor
> Bug SYNAPSE-489 <> base
> URI for XSLT include/import Andreas Veithen mikhailfranco Minor  Minor Bug
> SYNAPSE-391 <> Update
> documentation on Script mediators with a description on 'include keys' Ruwan
> Linton Evanthika Amarasiri Trivial  Minor Bug SYNAPSE-407<>
> anchor not found on Synapse_Configuration_Language.html Unassigned Senaka
> Fernando Trivial
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-458<>
> the property mediator to set Boolean properties Unassigned Paul Fremantle
> Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-477<>
> transport PUT and DELETE method support Unassigned Supun Kamburugamuva
> Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-239<>
> should automatically detect the idle state after entering maintenance mode Asankha
> C. Perera Asankha C. Perera Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-485<>
> the use of sun.misc.Service with something available on other JDKs Paul
> Fremantle Paul Fremantle Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-284<>
> management support in Synapse transports (AbstractTransportListener) Andreas
> Veithen Andreas Veithen Major  Later Improvement SYNAPSE-438<>
> Iterate Mediator to Iterate Synchronously Unassigned Scott Hoggarth Major  Good
> to fix Improvement SYNAPSE-441<>
> the public API of Synapse, so that custom Mediator and Task developers know
> the boundary between the public API and Synapse internals Asankha C.
> Perera Asankha C. Perera Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-453<>
> for Mail Attachments Unassigned Stefan Lecho Major  Good to fix
> Improvement SYNAPSE-457<>
> dbreport mediator to have a result Unassigned harm verhagen Major  Later
> Improvement SYNAPSE-112<>
> a config model based on SCA Unassigned Paul Fremantle Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-378<>
> the performance of the XSLT mediator Ruwan Linton Ruwan Linton Major  Good
> to fix Improvement SYNAPSE-357<>
> a switch to send mediator to specify whether to build the envelope before
> sending or not Ruwan Linton Ruwan Linton Major  Later Improvement
> SYNAPSE-384 <> Archived
> Repository and Read-Only Registry Unassigned Tanmay saha Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-377<>
> MediatorDeployer to support Startups and embedded JARs Andreas Veithen Andreas
> Veithen Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-375<>
> statistics collection fine grained indika priyantha kumara indika
> priyantha kumara Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-502<>
> the vfs transport to use temporary file Unassigned Otto Frost Major  Good
> to fix Improvement SYNAPSE-487<>
> a mechanism to get access to client provided X509 Certificate within
> mediators Asankha C. Perera Lucas Moten Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-507<>
> vfs sftp transport to handle login with IdentityFile (public/private keys)
> Unassigned Otto Frost Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-333<>
> to improve/consolidate session-affine load balancing options Unassigned Eric
> Hubert Major
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-421<>
> Class mediator properties to be loaded from the Registry Unassigned Senaka
> Fernando Minor
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-497<>
> Spring Mediator Sample Ruwan Linton Charith Dhanushka Wickramarachchi
> Minor  Must fix Improvement SYNAPSE-495<>
> version update Unassigned Charith Dhanushka Wickramarachchi Minor  Must
> fix Improvement SYNAPSE-473<>
> Clustering Documentation Unassigned Eric Hubert Minor
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-343<>
> a way to handle messages that are received after the first message is
> processed through the onComplete method of the Aggregate mediator Ruwan
> Linton Evanthika Amarasiri Minor  Good to fix Improvement SYNAPSE-522<>
> the Send mediator AND/OR Endpoints, to accept properties Unassigned Asankha
> C. Perera Minor
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-306<>
> Hessian and binary message builders/formatters Unassigned Andreas Veithen
> Minor
>  Improvement SYNAPSE-526<>
> server connector to make use of existing MBeans Unassigned Eric Hubert
> Minor
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-346<>
> dynamic deployment of proxy services Ruwan Linton Sumeet Vij Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-329<>
> Service should support engaging only addressing over it Ruwan Linton Ruwan
> Linton Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-283<>
> Debian packages for Synapse Andreas Veithen Andreas Veithen Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-383<>
> 1.3 Transport Listener/Sender Unassigned Jonathan Holmes Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-385<>
> environment specific variables from xml definition files Unassigned Tanmay
> saha Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-474<>
> Code coverage for Synapse Unassigned Ilanthirayan Paramanathan Major
> Check New Feature SYNAPSE-180<>
> the ability to throttle by concurrency within a cluster indika priyantha
> kumara Asankha C. Perera Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-347<>
> Dynamic Deployment of Tasks Unassigned Scott Hoggarth Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-263<>
> a message store/ message redelivery Unassigned Jens Goldhammer Major
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-282<>
> Synapse to consume syslog events Andreas Veithen Andreas Veithen Minor
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-229<>
> ability to collect and expose statistics and performance information at
> better granularity Asankha C. Perera Asankha C. Perera Minor
>  New Feature SYNAPSE-411<>
> hessian support with SOAP/hessian transformation Unassigned Ralph Henze
> Minor
>  Test SYNAPSE-350 <> Improve
> unit tests for VFS transport Andreas Veithen Andreas Veithen Minor
>  Wish SYNAPSE-396 <> Consider
> reducing requisite dependencies of Synapse Core Andreas Veithen Oleg
> Kalnichevski Major
> The Priority column should be read as follows:
> Must fix - is most definitely a blocker for 1.3
> Good to fix - if the developers have time to work on these issues, we
> should do our best to fix them
> Check - these may be fixed already, and needs verification
> Minor - are trivial issues to fix, so we should try to fix as much of these
> as we can, but these are not high in priority
> Later - we will fix these after 1.3
>  --
> Asankha C. Perera
> AdroitLogic,
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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