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From indika kumara <>
Subject Re: Creating HessianFaults using FaultMediator/HessianMessageFormatter
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 16:56:45 GMT
Hi All

I am sorry as I just look at this only now. Just putting my concerns.

I actually don’t like for setting http code inside fault mediator.

1)	Both ‘fault ‘and ‘property’ mediators have well defined
abstraction. Things should be done by a ‘property’ mediator, should
not be done by a fault mediator for any reason (if not impossible by
other way).
2)	If this kind of things are needed for some other protocol or due to
any other reasons. Do we add those logics into fault mediator?

Use of synapse language API is the most important things than adding
Java code. For synapse, synapse language API should be the first

There are some great extensions that can be used to add additional
behaviors. Hessian specific things can not be a main concern.
1)	As Andreas suggests , Axis2 module - This should be possible even I
cannot  validate
2)	Other most important thing is synapse has a great extension - Class
mediator. You can make a mediator with the logic you want (if
XMediator). And then documents, use <class name=”XMediator”/> after
fault mediator for this Hessian specific things. Then, ship these
useful mediators that can be used with Class mediator configuration.

I just only want to add my concerns as it is the way I thinks.  I just
want to say the way I think about these and I never want to prove
ideas of others are bad or mine are good.


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