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From Ruwan Linton <>
Subject Registering the handlers programatically
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 18:05:19 GMT

I just realized that because of the change in the Synapse startup, now we
are having an issue with the Synapse handlers being registered via the axis2
module. Here is the issue;

We now initializes Synapse and starts it through a different call than the
Module#init() method, which seems to be correct because for synapse to start
we need a properly initialized axis2 environment. Even though this is now
fixed, this actually doesn't fix the proper start order of the Synapse,
because now the handlers to intercept the messages and bring them into the
Synapse Environment is still registered in the axis2 handler chain before
the Synapse environment gets initialized. Even though this doesn't causes an
issue for the default setup (listeners will not be open till Synapse starts
properly) we are going to have issues when you try to start Synapse on an
already initialized axis2 environment.

If you look at the way synapse operates, even though it seems like a module
of axis2 it is really not, it just uses the axis2 handler architecture to
leverage the other axis2 features while getting the message dispatched into
synapse. So I propose to drop the module and programaticaly register theses
handler after properly initializing the Synapse environment.



Ruwan Linton
Senior Software Engineer & Product Manager; WSO2 ESB;
WSO2 Inc.;
email:; cell: +94 77 341 3097

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