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AFAIK, axis2 doesn't support this sort of a aliasing.
That may be true with Axis2, but since the NIO transport is still under our control, we should be able to switch this internally special casing this.. If someone raises a JIRA and no developers have objections, I think this would be something good to do


I am not sure I am in favor of this change.... it is going to be sort of a hard coded redirection, which cannot be eliminated if we do at the transport layer.  Well, if you implement this in a way that it can be configured via a parameter in the transport configuration I don't have any objection so that we can get rid of this redirection by commenting out that parameter, and we can map this to any other value if required as well.
The axis2.xml has the following parameter that applies only for HTTP/s.. Since this currently effectively allows only one context for all services, there will not be a conflict.. I mean all services would be under /services/xxx anyway.. so anything else would end up in the main sequence..

<parameter name="servicePath">services</parameter>

What if we overload the above as a comma separated list to say "services,soap" etc?.. I know its a hack.. and I will only do this if all of us think it would be good..

Hhhmmm :-(, I am still a bit negative on this change, this might mess up the WSDL generation, what param value should we treat as the actual and what are the aliases.... there is a bit of ambiguity there.

The second option is to log a message by default if its sent to /soap/xxx on the console.. so that the user knows what went wrong..

Of course +1 for this.



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