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From Hiranya Jayathilaka <>
Subject File Hierarchy Based Configuration Builder for Synapse
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 04:21:41 GMT
Hi Folks,

I have been working on a new configuration builder for Synapse. This new
configuration builder reads the Synapse configuration from a hierarchy of
XML files instead of loading everything from a single flat file. It enables
the user to easily manage large Synapse configurations by breaking it down
to a number of smaller files.

The new functionality is completely optional and the only way to trigger the
new configuration builder is to specify a path to an existing directory
instead of the path to the synapse.xml file at startup. The old
configuration model hasn't changed a bit and therefore all the samples etc
are not effected by the change.

If the community has no objection towards getting this new configuration
builder (and the associated serializer) in I'd be happy to contribute. WDYT?


Hiranya Jayathilaka
Software Engineer;
WSO2 Inc.;
E-mail:;  Mobile: +94 77 633 3491

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