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From Supun Kamburugamuva <>
Subject Service chaining
Date Sun, 08 Nov 2009 20:28:10 GMT
Hi all,

Ability to call one service, then use that result to call another service
and so on is a very important feature in any ESB. But this is hard to
implement in the current Synapse configuration language unless we are using
something like callout mediator.

But with a simple improvement we can get close to achieving full message
mediation. The improvement is to allow the user to specify a receiving
sequence to the send mediator. When the response comes to this send, it will
be directed to the receiving sequence instead of a predefined sequence like
main or outSequence.

send (response to sequence 1) --------> sequence 1 (do some
transformations), send (response to sequence 2) --------> sequence 2, send
the response back.

Just having this functionality does not complete the whole service chaining
requirements. We need a way to store the request and responses and access
them from different mediators. To do this we may need to improve the
property mediator and improve the xpath functions.

I have created a Jira for the first requirement and attached a patch [1].
That is to send with a receiving sequence. Please have a look at it and
provide your feedback. I'm always open to improvements :).



Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc

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