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From Charith Wickramarachchi <>
Subject [Dead Letter channel EIP] Question on redelivery mechanism
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2010 06:01:54 GMT

While Woking on the next patch for the Dead Letter Channel implementation i
got a question about the redelivery mechanism.

if a message fails it can be re tried to deliver.(according to a policy
stated in configuration ).
Problem is where to store them till it get processed by the Re delivery

following are the options

   1. Store it in the Message Store and Re delivery processor will poll the
   message store and try to redeliver the messages.
   2. Store it in a Memory associated with the Re delivery processor and try
   to reliever(This is a temp. memory where it only stores re delivery pending
   messages ). and if the re delivery fails it will be stored in the Message

I personally prefer the 2nd approach since it will give a clear cut
separation for Message store and the Re-delivery processor where we can say
Message store is to store failed Messages.


I'll soon be able to provide the next patch which contain View API based on
JMX for Message store and Improvements in the Re-delivery processor.

And also suggestions for  the View api is also welcome :)

Charith Dhanushka Wickramarachchi

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