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From indika kumara <>
Subject Re: Issue with switch on/off LoadBalance and FailOver endpoints from Jconsole
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2011 11:52:51 GMT
Just another personal thought. Supporting parametrization as a first class
capability. I found XSLT 'template' and 'xsl:with-param' very interesting.
Endpoint definition, sequence definition, proxy definition. etc are kinds of
templates and not the concrete ones.  Calling such a template, the
corresponding language construct is created.


<endpoint name="foo">
details ( There may be a URl or not)

Creating an endpoint

<endpoint name="foo"/>
  <param name="url">value</param> // this is optional.

URI is just one thing.  I am seeing an opportunity for a maximum reuse of
all language constructs. The use of  the template concept is very popular in
many languages.

BTW, I have not validated what I had said. All things are just based on my
intuition. So, these ideas may seem nonsense. if so, I am extremely sorry.



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