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From Jørgen Nordmoen <>
Subject Support for DiffServ with Http transport
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 12:25:48 GMT

Long explenation: We are a group of students tasked with creating a
system which is able to prioritize messages in a network, our customer
has asked us to use WSO2 ESB which is, as you most likely know, just
Apache Synapse. We have one strict demand from the customer and that is
that our system must be able to set the DiffServ field in the IP
header. The system must be able to accept SOAP messages and forward
them to a GlassFish server with the final endpoints. And here is our
problem, since Synapse does not directly support DiffServ or TOS we
need to implement it, but after much research we are still not quite
sure how to do this and that is why this emails is sent. We have some
leads on where we could alter,
org/apache/http/impl/nio/reactor/DefaultConnectingIOReactor could be
extended in order to obtain the DiffServ value from the MessageContext
and then alter the Socket connection, but we are not quite sure as we
don't have the overview needed.

Is there a way we could alter Synapse, Axis 2 and/or
HTTPCommons in order for us to support setting different DiffServ
values to different clients? Hopefully we could alter something which
we could either reach or interact with from a mediator which we have to
write a cuple of anyway.

Best regards.
Jørgen Nordmoen <>, <>

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