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From Miyuru Wanninayaka <>
Subject Invoke fault handler for backend SOAP Faults
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 09:46:08 GMT
Hi Devs,

Currently synapse  does not consider endpoint as failed if backend
responded with a SOAPFault which is correct in most of scenarios and we can
add fault mediator to outSequence if we need to consider SOAPFault as a
fault. However there are limitations in this approach.

Using filters will add more complexities to synapse configuration and it's
not possible to capture statistics for SOAPFault as faults and suspend
endpoints for SOAPFaults.
Major limitation is it's not possible to failover if backend responded with
SOAPFault because it's considered as a successful invocation. I think it's
a good idea to support triggering endpoint failure if backend responded
with SOAPFault. It's possible to implement this by introducing a synapse
property like "FORCE_ERROR_ON_SOAP_FAULT" before sending and if it's true,
SynapseCallbackReceiver will consider SOAPFault as a failure and invoke
fault handler.


Miyuru Wanninayaka
Senior Software Engineer - WSO2 Inc <>.

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