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From Auke Schrijnen <>
Subject Efficiently contributing to the Synapse project
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 12:27:38 GMT
Hi Synapse devs,

After comparing several ESB frameworks we decided to use Apache Synapse to replace our home-built
ESB-like application, together with Axis2 for our webservices. Although both frameworks offer
a lot of features we have to extend them in various ways to support our needs, especially
Synapse. And as any software project, Synapse isn't bug-free and unfortunately we already
ran into some.

I have already reported a couple of issues and improvements and supplied patches for some
of them. As we use git and Apache supplies git mirrors at and i
used 'git format-patch' to create the patches. The subversion repository for Synapse has an
issue with the project structure (INFRA-3800 / SYNAPSE-888) which makes it difficult to switch
from 2.1 to trunk and to compare differences between those branches. It would be very useful
for us this issue gets fixed, which makes it a lot easier to test and supply fixes.

Having that said, what is the best way for you to get fixes? Some Apache projects use Github
pull request because it provides a platform to easily share patches and openly discuss them
(with tools like inline comments). Synapse doesn't seem to use this, is this intended or just
because everybody is used to the Apache workflow with subversion?
Is this mailing list the right place for discussion or is there an irc channel for quick questions?

While investigating a solution for SYNAPSE-896 i found a few coding errors, some documentation
issues, questionable constructions and room for improvements. That might sound a bit harsh,
but i just want to improve the quality of the project. How should i approach those kind of
issues? Report issues in Jira? Post emails on this list?

I'm looking forward to use and contribute to the Apache Synapse project!

Auke Schrijnen

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