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From Isuru Ranawaka <>
Subject XPath1.0 implementation on top of XML Stream
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2013 02:40:40 GMT

This project will be used in Synapse content based routing in order to
increase the performance of the XPath evaluation. Up to now it is supported
for following kind of XPath queries.
                                    /step/step[name relation
value](relation : = or !=)
so as next steps i have planned to do the following

                                     Do more test on above implementations.
                                     Improve and Optimize code
                                     Do performance test with current
                                     Developed API for integrate with

For develop the  API  I have to know the following facts.

         When  OMElement is received for XPath evaluation it may or may not
matches with the query.if it is matched what will be the output.Is it
OMElement build from the result or exact OMElement received for  evaluation
or may I need to develop methods for get both when needs?


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