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From Hiranya Jayathilaka <>
Subject Logging Improvements in HTTP Transports
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2013 04:21:00 GMT
Hi Folks,

During the process of migrating to Http Core 4.3, I also took some time to unify the logging
frameworks used by PT and NHTTP transports. Now both transports use the same code for debug
level logging. I also made some improvements to make it easier to configure debug logging
for the http transports. For example, enabling the following logger will activate debug level
logging for http connections.

It is also possible to activate debug logging for source (server) and target (client) connections
separately by enabling the following loggers:

In addition, following loggers can be enabled to get debug level logs for message headers,
IO sessions and wire level content.

Enabling DEBUG for a top level package like org.apache.synapse.transport or org.apache.synapse.transport.http
will enable all the above.

This is applicable to both PT and NHTTP transports.


Hiranya Jayathilaka
Mayhem Lab/RACE Lab;
Dept. of Computer Science, UCSB;
E-mail:;  Mobile: +1 (805) 895-7443

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