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From Auke Schrijnen <>
Subject Streaming processing in Synapse with AXIOM
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2013 10:06:52 GMT
Hi all,

We have a couple of custom mediators for Synapse to do various transformations,
logging, validation, filtering and caching. Working with the AXIOM model is
pretty straight forward, one can easily navigate through the model, alter
elements, rename or remove them and so on.

While we get deferred parsing for free with AXIOM, the whole tree has to be
built at some point which is fine for smaller messages but could cause memory
problems and introduce longer delays for larger messages.

Most of the things we do could benefit some form of streaming processing but
that is not so easy with Synapse/AXIOM. This is what i have come up with:

The SOAP Envelope, Header including all header blocks and the Body element
will always be built as OM model because the header modules need to process
soap headers. We also have a custom module for processing our custom header.
The headers are small compared to the body so building the headers at once
isn't a problem and we could actually use this later on.

One form of streamed processing could be accomplished by getting the
XMLStreamReader and apply the processing to the stream. This will need some
work, but events from the stream can be altered or removed.

Applying a filter to an existing OMElement isn't straight forward because we
can't replace the element with something else and as soon as the element gets
detached it will consume it's input stream and build the whole model. The only
way i found is creating a new soap envelope and replace the current envelope in
the Synapse message context with this new envelope, move the headers from the
old envelope to the new envelope (here we benefit from the fact that the
headers are already built), create a new soap body and add an OMDataSource as
first child. This OMDataSouce uses the XMLStreamReader from the original
element and wraps it in a filtering XMLStreamReader. Because the SOAP Body
element cannot be wrapped in an OMDataSource we can only create one child
element. I'm not sure this is a problem because WS-I BP only allows one child
in the Body element.

Now we can apply all kinds of filtering to the events from the XMLStreamReader,
create new events and use the events for logging, validation and caching. The
OM model isn't even built for most of the payload.

The downside to this approach is that it operates on the XMLStreamReader which
is very low-level compared to the OM model from AXIOM and it can only be
applied to the first element of the SOAP Body.

Does anyone have solved this problem before? Or does someone has an idea for a
different approach? Andreas do you have more magic AXIOM tricks up your sleeve?


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