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From Hiranya Jayathilaka <>
Subject Replacement to ExecutionContext
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2013 02:47:52 GMT
Hi Oleg,

I'm attempting to migrate Synapse to HTTP Core 4.3. We have code similar to the following
fragment in several places in the passthrough and NHTTP transports:

            httpContext.setAttribute(ExecutionContext.HTTP_CONNECTION, conn);
            httpContext.setAttribute(ExecutionContext.HTTP_REQUEST, null);
            httpContext.setAttribute(ExecutionContext.HTTP_RESPONSE, response);

It looks like ExecutionContext is deprecated in 4.3. What is the alternative to that? Or do
we need the above code segment at all with the latest Http Core?

Hiranya Jayathilaka
Mayhem Lab/RACE Lab;
Dept. of Computer Science, UCSB;
E-mail:;  Mobile: +1 (805) 895-7443

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