The Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Synapse
has asked Dushan Abeyruwan to become a committer and a PMC 
member, and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted.

Dushan has been very active in the Synapse project lately, with 
regular contributions to the new pass through HTTP transport and 
Synapse core. 

Being a committer enables easier contribution to the
project since there is no need to go via the patch
submission process. This should enable better productivity.
Being a PMC member enables assistance with the management
and to guide the direction of the project.

Welcome aboard Dushan. Looking forward to your continued


Hiranya Jayathilaka
Mayhem Lab/RACE Lab;
Dept. of Computer Science, UCSB;
E-mail:;  Mobile: +1 (805) 895-7443