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From Sajitha Liyanage <>
Subject Apache Synapse - Add Synapse Unit Testing Framework
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2019 15:18:27 GMT
Hi all,

I'm Sajitha Liyanage and I have a keen interest in contributing to open
source projects. Here I have sent a PR [1] for the *apache-synapse* which
is to add the unit testing framework for synapse. Currently, there is no
in-built mechanism to test the artifacts or configuration users write
inside the synapse. By adding this feature synapse will be able to test the
configurations alone.

Following tasks will be added from this PR,

   - Test Proxy services with test cases, input payloads and transport
   - Test APIs with test cases, input payloads and transport properties
   - Test Sequences with test cases, input payloads and synapse, axis2,
   transport properties
   - Un-deploy all the deployed configurations
   - Customize the starting port of unit testing framework

And also I have added detailed documentation about the implemented synapse
unit testing framework with some examples and how to run commands in

Hope this feature will give a valuable effect to the apache-synapse. Please
review this PR for further details.

[1] PR Link -
[2] Synapse Unit Testing Framework Documentation

Thanks and Regards,
Sajitha Liyanage

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