Thank you Luciano for starting the discussion and for all the guidance you've provided from the beginning of the project. I agree that the Apache SystemML community has grown and achieved many exciting things during incubation. For example, today we completed our fifth release of Apache SystemML after releasing previous version in February. Graduating to a top-level project will be another important accomplishment and help continue momentum with developers and users.


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From: Deron Eriksson <deroneriksson@gmail.com>
To: dev@systemml.incubator.apache.org
Date: 03/03/2017 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] SystemML Graduation


Thank you for starting this important discussion Luciano, and thank you for
all the guidance that you have provided us regarding the Apache Incubator,
the Apache Software Foundation, and open-source software development! I'd
also like to thank Henry for all the great assistance and hard work since
becoming an additional mentor for the project.

I believe that we may indeed be ready to graduate to a top level project
due both to our technical efforts and our community efforts. Since we
became an incubator project, in terms of code we have consistently
demonstrated a high level of excellent activity from a wide range of
contributors. We have 1,065 commits since we became an incubator project
and have closed 391 pull requests in that time. Additionally, over time, we
have all learned many best practices and Apache guidelines, for example how
to properly validate our source releases in terms of content and licenses.
We have also learned the processes involved with topics such as JIRA,
GitHub, Git, Subversion, and software releases, and how to interact with
groups such as Apache infrastructure to effectively develop open-source
software following the Apache way.

I think everyone on the SystemML project has also worked hard to build an
open community around the project. We have open discussions on technical
matters, especially in the area of pull requests, and these discussions
demonstrate a consistent ability to reach consensus while allowing
respectful disagreement. I believe our mailing list could be used more
frequently, since it offers a more centralized location for discussions
(compared to pull request discussions), which could be an addition way to
help the community. However, we do have important discussions on the
mailing list, for example in regards to questions from users, and
communication on the mailing list is positive and encouraging to community


On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 5:14 PM, Luciano Resende <luckbr1975@gmail.com>

> It has been an exciting 16 months so far, and the project has accomplished
> 4 official Apache Releases and is currently requesting the IPMC to approve
> the 5th release. We have voted 3 new committers and PPMC members and
> welcomed a new Mentor. The community continues to evangelize the project at
> universities, blog posts, public webcasts, and in multiple conferences
> which culminate in the project being awarded 'Best Paper' at VLDB 2016. And
> last, but not least, the Incubator has asked us to evaluate and possibly
> start the graduation process [1].
> For now, I would like to get the community to take a quick look at the
> 'Graduation Guide' [2] and use this thread to discuss your opinion about
> SystemML graduation.
> In parallel, I will start working on updating the project page [3] with
> milestones, and other details.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> --
> Luciano Resende

Deron Eriksson
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